Re-establishing New Credit
Amarillo, Texas

When re-establishing new credit the right kind of new credit is key!
Simply adding new accounts to your credit can actually hurt the score if not done correctly. Many times the score will doc a person points for new loans depending on the type and their last 24 months history. However, adding the right kind of positive credit is crucial in the long term, and if done correctly can generate a fast and positive impact on the score in the short-term as well.

We specialize in determining the right kind of positive credit to add. We will test your score results with our very advanced and accurate simulators in order to assure a positive impact custom to your goals.

Removing negative items on your credit is a big part of the process, but only part. In addition to the points added to your score by removing the negative, we are able to add up to an additional 75 points on average by adding the right kind of positive credit.

Your credit specialist will help you determine whether or not helping you re-establish new credit lines will help increase your credit profile and score. If so, we will help you add those positive accounts and manage them accordingly inorder to optimize your scores.

We’ll also teach you the best way to manage your new lines of credit. For example:

  • The optimum number of cards to have
  • What day you should pay your bills to reflect positively on your credit
  • Optimum balance to limit utilization
  • Which cards have the most benefits and which ones are the worst

The credit score was designed to adjust risk levels to new loans and doc for multiple loans within a short period of time. Adjusting the risk level down (lowering score) till proven payment history on that new account(s). Sometimes taking up to a year to recover. Call for free consultation today to determine the right kind of positive credit for you.

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