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Amarillo, Texas

Coaching and educating is a very important part of our credit repair process. We absolutely make a point to educate our clients on the very complicated scoring process and as well as weeding through so much misinformation on the internet, the work place and even the lenders themselves.

At CFI we’ll coach you on the right plan based on your specific situation. A consultant will always start with your goals, timeline and circumstances in mind first. We’ll educate you on the very processes we do and the reasons behind it.

As you might have already experienced the jungle of information, many of which contradicts and then trying to navigate through the red tape and process of repairing your credit. absolutely seems like a mountain. The collection calls, the threats, the fear, shame and that feeling of hopelessness. Do you find your self settling? adjusting your goals to your current circumstances and no longer aspiring? Its not a Mountain!

A CFI consultant will be there right beside you throughout the process. A well planned out process. There will be many factors in your plan, the details of each derogatory, and building a case against each one, adding the right kind of positive accounts, and current account management as well as possible settlements. A CFI specialist will coach you on the principles of the scoring process and how it effects your scores specifically. You will also learn to recognize possible new collections and how to head them off before ever hitting your credit as well as preventative maintenance.

We absolutely believe in not only being transparent with our clients, but educating them on the so many factors along the way. Our experience has proven time and again, that educating our customers helps in the communication process along the way, and helps keep our clients on track, and begin making the right decisions around their credit on a going forward basis.

We pride ourselves to being locally available to meet face to face. as opposed to internet or 1-800. During your free consultation and after reviewing the details of your file we will propose a guaranteed score and timeline as well as a detailed plan of action.

Yes its a Jungle, but its not a Mountain. Contact us today for a free face to face consultation.

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